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Before your pet's surgery appointment

Pre-Surgery Instructions For Your Pet

Spay/Neuter Days

We perform spay/neuter surgery for dogs on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and cats on Tuesday/Thursday by appointment only. Drop off is from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM and pick up is the same day. We will notify you when your pet is ready to go home, and you will have from then until 4:00 pm when we close to pick them up. Please provide a copy of your pets most recent vaccination/medical history at the time of drop-off for your appointment.

Leashes, Collars, and Carriers

Cats must come in a secure carrier. No treats/food in carriers. If you do not have a cat carrier and are unable to afford one, please call us at (402) 473-5370 and we may be able to help.

Dogs must be brought in with a collar that fits well (can not slip out of) and a leash. No retractable leashes. If your dog is known to be aggressive with other animals or humans, please buy an appropriate size muzzle in advance and have it on your pet before entering the building. Petco, PetSmart, and other pet stores can help you find the appropriate muzzle for your dog.

Food and Water Prior to Surgery

Withhold all food after 10:00 pm the day before your pets surgery appointment. Water is OK. If your pet eats anything the night before or morning of your appointment, please notify our staff. We may need to reschedule your appointment as serious complications can occur if your pet has eaten before surgery.

Bathing Prior to Surgery

If you bathe your pet, you may want to give them a bath before you bring them for surgery as they will not be able to be bathed for 14 days after surgery.

Pre-Existing Conditions and Medications

If your pet has any pre-existing medical conditions, please notify us before scheduling an appointment. If your pet is taking any medications, please withhold medication the morning of your surgery appointment unless otherwise instructed by our veterinarians.


The Stransky Veterinary Center (SVC) and Capital Humane Society (CHS) use qualified staffing and approved materials for all procedures performed. It is important for you to understand that the risk of injury or death, although low, is always present, just as it is for human beings that undergo surgery. SVC and CHS cannot be held responsible for complications resulting from pre-existing conditions not discussed with staff prior to surgery, age or health-related issues brought on by the surgery, or for contagious diseases/parasites for which the animal was not previously vaccinated/treated for prior to coming to our facility. SVC/CHS have the right to refuse veterinary services for any pets that are too aggressive.